Where To Find Free GMAT Practice Tests

Where To Find Free GMAT Practice Tests

Getting ready for the GMAT can be one of the most daunting tasks of your life if you're serious about getting into graduate school for your MBA. You want to score as high as you can. You want the very best test prep materials, whether that be GMAT books, apps, or classes. Above all else, you want to find GMAT practice tests so you can simulate your testing experience again and again to make sure you've got it right.

Does that sound accurate? If so, here is a list of GMAT practice tests available for you to prep your little heart out.


GMAC, the Graduate Management Admission Council, offers free GMAT practice tests for would-be testers through their downloadable software. With the software, you get 90 free practice questions - 30 Quantitative, 45 Verbal, and 15 Integrated Reasoning - along with two free full-length GMAT practice tests with answers. There are a ton of other bonuses like a GMAT Quantitative review along with tools you can use to create your own practice questions. If you need more than what is offered on the free version, you can extend your studies by coughing up the cash.

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Babson (F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business)

Sure, there's a bit of a caveat. It wouldn't be American if there weren't, right? You'll have to sign up via email and agree to accept emails from Babson college along with the Economist GMAT tutor, but you can always stop those if necessary. The good part is that you can sign up and take a micro (20 minute), mini (100 minute) or full (2.5 hours) GMAT practice test online and get a detailed analysis of your mistakes along with comprehensive tips to fix those errors. Now, that's just a win-win.

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The Princeton Review

Ready to use one of the biggest names in the test prep world to get your free GMAT practice test? Of course you are. The Princeton Review offers free testing; based on your zip code, it will either be self-paced online or in-person. You'll take the test with the same testing conditions as the actual GMAT, so you'll be able to figure out the kind of mental strength and personal skills needed to master this bad boy. Bonus? You will receive a personalized score report that shows your strengths and weaknesses.

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Veritas Prep

A computer-adaptive test, one that's just like the real test GMAT, is way better than the tests you'll use in a GMAT book. Enter Veritas Prep. They offer a CAT GMAT so you're experience is just like what you'll see on test day. You'll also get score performance analysis and the option of buying six more GMAT practice tests for just $15.00 once you've taken the free test. Now, if that's not a good deal, I just don't know what is anymore.

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Kaplan, the largest name in test prep, offers a free GMAT practice test in a couple of different ways. First, you can choose the self-proctored GMAT test and take the test any time at your convenience. Or, you can choose the live online version, where you'll take the GMAT test with an instructor online and be able to get your questions answered via live chat. Either way is a win, considering both are free and both offer detailed score analysis, answers and live explanations from the Kaplan faculty.

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Final Notes

The best thing you can do for yourself is to take one of these GMAT practice tests cold. Don't prepare. Don't even crack a GMAT book. That way, you'll know how to focus your studies when you do start preparing for the exam. Your strengths and weaknesses will be exposed so you can better manage your study time.

Best of luck!